THE NEW designs collections for children with a Scandinavian simplicity and a stylish, modern approach.

They are inspired by adult fashion and aim to establish a collection of esthetic, fashionable items for the elegant and chic girl and the classic cool boy.

Creating comfortable classics for the everyday kid on the go as well as unique contemporary styles for special occasions, this brand centers itself on simple, significant and inspiring pieces. Simply put, THE NEW designs a children’s wardrobe you wish was your own.

THE NEW is represented in more than 15 countries around the world in the best retail and web shops.

THE NEW PURE is a stylish athletic line for the sporty girl and matching styles for her fun mom!

This exciting collection and vision caters to the ever growing athletic leisure market by creating a collection that is not only perfectly suited for girls’ weekend and casual wear, but also sets in motion a special bond with their moms, big sisters and any other woman they idolize.

Founded in Denmark in 2006, FUB makes classic, comfortable and sustainable knitwear for kids. Every item is carefully created and produced with a demanding regard for details and craftsmanship. The collections are purely made of OEKO-TEX® certified merino wool and GOTS certified organic cotton.

FUB is anchored in the subtle aesthetics of the North with a desire to craft quality knitwear in pure materials without compromising the design or the comfort for both warm and cold days. In a time where fast fashion gets a lot of attention, FUB dares to oppose passing trends with classic designs that never outdate and that last more than a season.

Stylish Nordic design with a magic touch, KNAST by KRUTTER is an emerging brand in Scandinavia catering to girls from 0 to 11 years old.

KNAST creates clothing and living accessories for children that you can easily identify with their use of beautiful ruffles and pretty prints. Each design is comfortable and well thought for kids allowing them to move freely in their play and capture life in its fullest.

Bringing art and magic into kids’ everyday lives, KNAST’s creativity with colors and graphic details composes a stylish universe where the only the limit is your imagination.